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Build Your Own SEO Package
Build Your Own SEO Package
Build Your Own SEO Package

Custom SEO Services

Are you looking to attract more visitors to your site by getting more exposure on the major search engines but can not find the perfect SEO services that meet your online business needs?

Each website owners needs are different. What one website owner may want, the other may have no desire for. At My SEO Gal we understand those needs and understand the need to only pay for what you really want and need.

So we created the perfect solution.

You can build your own SEO Package! That's right. Pick out the services that apply to your needs and budget.

How does it work?:
It's simple. Just pick the services you want below. You can choose the number of categories you want optimized, and the number of products. You can also choose from Link Building, Article Writing, Photo Optimization, Google Account Set Up, Google Base Uploading, and Sitemap Creation. The choice is yours!

What's Included?:

Each SEO Service includes the following at no additional fee. You are only paying for the time it takes to research keywords and to optimize your content with your targeted keywords.:
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta tag optimization (adding keywords to your meta tags)
  • Free Site Submission to the Search Engines
Here is a break down of what you get per services:

SEO For Pages :  You pick the number of pages you want optimized. Pages can be your main categories, sub categories or your informational pages. We. will research quality keywords that are searched for on a daily basis. We will integrate these keywords into your meta tags to make your site search engine friendly. We will optimize (edit) your current content and or add content to your pages at an additional fee per page.

Product Optimization : You pick the number of products you want optimized and we will research your keywords for you, optimize your products meta tags, update the product title if necessary to make it more search engine friendly and add Header Tags to each product.

Link Building : You can choose the type of links you want and we will find high quality sites that you can link to or they can link to you. If you choose to go with reciprocal linking then please make sure that you have a page set up for links. You can also choose to just go with one way links as well.

Sitemap Creation : Search engines don't always crawl each and every single page you have on your website and nine times out of ten they will never know about all of the pages on your site unless you tell them. Sitemaps are a great way to let the search engines know about all of your website pages. You can let them know that you have more pages on your site than they may not have known about and you can increase your chances of having more pages in their index which can translate to more traffic to your site from their organic listings.

Photo Optimization: If you want your products added to Google's Image search  we can optimize your products for you so you can show up in the images when someone does a search in the images section of Google's image search.

Content Writing: If you need some content for your site then we will create your content for you and make sure it's optimized. You can choose the number of pages you need in this field below.

Google Account Set Up : If you don't have a Google account set up yet, this is something you definitely want to do. Google offers a lot of great tools that you can use to improve your sites overall traffic and web appearance. From Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics. You can track your incoming traffic, what keywords people are using to get to your site, see where you are ranking at in their search results and even upload your products to their Shopping section. We will set up your accounts and install your Google Analytics website traffic tracker for you with this service.

Google Base Upload : If you have an ecommerce site, your products will be uploaded to Google's Shopping listings. These listings and exposure have been known to increase sales. We will create your Froogle/Google Base feed, set up your Google Base account and upload your products. Products are searchable in Google Shopping results within 48 hours. This service is only available if your hosting company has this feature.
Please make sure your feeds are updated to include Google's new attributes i.e. Brand and MPN before ordering this service. : has become another shopping portal for ecommerce sites. You can upload your products to their free shopping portal where they display thousands of products everyday. Their site and listings show up on the first page of the search engines and many have gotten sales from being listed there. Although it's free to list your products on, make sure to check their site periodically for any fees they may add in the future. NOTE: You must have a Google Base feed generator as a feature with your hosting in order to use this service.

Article Writing : We now include article writing services. If you don't have time to write articles to submit to some of the article directories, let us do the work for you. We will write your articles for you. Just let us know the topics and we will get them done within 5 to 7 business days from the day you submit your order. We will get the topics from you once we receive your order.

Once your order is received. We will contact you to go over the details of your order.
Choose your services:
Number Of Pages (min. 2 pages):
Product Optimization:
Link Building:
Photo Optimization:
Content Writing:
Sitemap Services:
Google Account Set Up:
Google Base Upload:
Article Writing:
Keywords you want us to target:
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