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Froogle/Google Base Upload
Froogle/Google Base Upload
Froogle/Google Base Upload
Get your products uploaded to google/froogle. Choose from a one time upload or we can upload your products every 31 days.
Having your products added to Google Base (Froogle) can increase your traffic and possibly move you up to the top pages of Google's search engine when a customer searches for a product that you may have to offer.
What Is Google Base?
Google Base is a free Google service that helps you publish virtually any kind of information -- be it your latest ebook or a listing for your custom made baby products.

Your item will fall into one of several categories based on its content. This category determines which Google property will display your item. For example, your  ebook may appear on Google Base, and your custom made baby products may appear on Google Product Search


This service is only available for certain hosting companies. Please contact us to make sure your hosting company is on our list.


  • Google Base Account  Set up: If you don't have a Google Base Account set up yet, Choose this option. You can also choose to have us upload your products each month and set up your account.
  • Upload Only:  If you already have a Google Base account set up but just need help getting your feed uploaded one time, then choose the upload only option.
  • Monthly Upload:  Google Base uploads expire every 31 days and you have to upload them manually each time, they are not automatically uploaded each month.  We will upload them for you each month for  $5.00.

Note:  If you already have a Google and FTP account, please make sure to enter in your login information below. If you do not have an account set up, we will gladly set an account up for you. Simply choose the first option listed below (Google & FTP Setup) the price includes your products being uploaded to Froogle.

Choose Your Service Below:
Google Base Account Set Up:
One Time Upload No Set Up:
Just a Monthly Upload ($5.00 ea. month):
Google Email:
Google Password:
Storeadmin User Name:
Storeadmin Password:
Storeadmin URL:
Website Address:

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