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Case Studies
We have decided to do a few case studies this year. To show how SEO can really work for new and old sites if you properly optimized your site on page and off page. So if you are interested in seeing how SEO can benefit new sites as well as old. Please feel free to follow us on the below case studies. These case studies are only based on organic search engine results, not the paid sections of the search engine results in Google.

Case Study 1:
Service Purchased : Basic 6 Month Package
Service Start Date : February 2,2012

The owner of Baby Bellissimo was kind enough to let us do a case study on their site. This site was purchased from a previous owner in December of 2011. The site owner started our Basic 6 month package on February 2,2012 (two weeks ago). Their first targeted keyword phrase was tutu boutique. They were not ranking within the top 30 pages of Google when we first started optimizing their site for that keyword. They are now on the first page of Google for tutu boutique. Since we didn't start the case study until today February 15,2012.

We are going to start with our next keyword: baby bedding for girls. We started optimizing the site for this keyword last week. They are currently on the 6th page of Google for this phrase and was not ranking at all before we started.

As of today's date. There are 8,290,000 links competing for the first page for this phrase. So this keyword This keyword phrase may take a month or so to start to rank in the top pages.

We will report back here with stats as we see progress.  So make sure to check back periodically to see how they are doing.

February 17,2012 Update : This is just a quick keyword update. I'm going to add the keyword childrens boutique clothes to this case study. This is another keyword I was working on at the beginning of the services. This keyword is now on the 3rd page of Google. So we can track it's progress as well.

February 27,2012 Update: This is just a new keyword ranking update. This site is doing really well with their keywords. They are starting to rank for all of the tutu/pettiskirt keywords I've been optimizing their site with but that are not included in the case study and they are moving up consistently for childrens boutique clothes and baby bedding for girls. They are on the 2nd page of Google for childrens boutique clothes as of today and on the 4th page for baby bedding for girls.

March 9,2012 Update : I wanted to post a new update for case study 1. I have been targeting baby bedding for girls for this site and each week the site improves in ranking. Earlier this week, the site dropped from page 3 to page 4. I did a ranking check today and case study 1 is now on page 2 for baby bedding for girls.

April 2,2012 Update : I wanted to post a new update for this case study. I've been working to get this site to the first page of  Google for a few keywords. One of the keywords as mentioned above is childrens boutique clothes. I am happy to say that my goal for this site has been achieved! They are on the first page of Google for childrens boutique clothes. It took a little over a month and I'm very happy with the outcome. I thought it would take a lot longer : )


Case Study 2:
Service : SEO For Entire Site
Service Start Date : February 15,2012

I super excited about this case study as well. The reason being, is because this site is a fresh new site. We haven't even started adding all the products to it yet. We have most of the categories in place but have not added all of the meta tags to each one. This will be SEO for the entire site. So you will have the opportunity to watch this site grow from the very beginning.

I haven't begun doing the keyword research on this site yet, so I am not sure which keywords I am going to target. My main keyword is dog toys but because this is a new site, I know that this keyword is going to be really competitive and can take up to 2 years to rank in the top pages for. So I am going to do some keyword research tomorrow and once I have my top 3 I want to focus on for my home page, I will post them here.

February 16,2012 Update : Well, I finished up my keyword research for the dog toy site and I must say that I am a bit disappointed. The majority of the keywords I found were either competitive with low search results or keywords that have a decent amount of searches but is really, really competitive.

This means that it can take up to a year before I get to the top for most of my targeted keywords. So I had to dig a little deep and I found some keywords that I can work with. They are still competitive but I should see some results within 6 months. This is okay and to be expected especially since the market/niche is competitive.

Here are the keywords that I will be using during this case study: dog toys for small dogs, dog toys for big dogs, pet toys for dogs, indestructable dog toy, interactive toys for dogs, soft dog toy, stuffed toy dogs, and designer dog toys

Now that I have a list of keywords, I'm going to finish optimizing my existing categories. Once I am finished doing this. I'll be doing a lot of off page optimization. I'll report back here for this case study in about 3 to 4 weeks. Unless something grand happens!

March 9,2012 Update : It's been a while since I had an update on this case study. This site is a new site so this is to be expected. I have been optimizing the categories on the site and am adding products. I have also been link building with pet toys for dogs. So I will be tracking the progress for this site over the next month or so. This one is expected to take a while to rank for any keywords since it's a new domain and site.

March 14,2012 Update : I did a quick keyword ranking check for pet toys for dogs and low and behold, is ranking on the 6th page for this phrase! Whoo Hoo. I really was not expecting this site to be in the top 10 pages for another month. Guess the link building I did for this keyword really helped.
April 24,2012 Update : I have a quick update for this site. Last month I reported that the site was ranking on page 6 for pet toys for dogs. I checked today and it is on the top of the 3rd page now. This site is also ranking for another targeted keyword : dog toys for small dogs. It is on the 2nd page of Google for this term. Its also ranking on the first page for a lot of the products listed on the site.

Here are some of the keywords that were targeted for the products/categories:
credit card dog toys
beverage dog toys
alcohol dog toys
handbag dog toys
fashion dog toys

I've very happy with the progress so far. This just goes to show that new sites can rank on the first page for targeted keywords in a short period of time.

Case Study 3:
Service Purchased : Basic 6 Month Package
Service Start Date : February 29,2012

The owner of Sweet and Sassy Girl was kind enough to let us do a case study on their site. This site used to rank in Google's search engine indexed but has lost ranking as well as traffic to site. The site owner started our Basic 6 month package on February 29,2012 (two days ago). Their first few keyword phrases that we will be targeting is girl clothing boutique, girls room decorations and cute clothes for girls. In this set we will target a low competition, medium and high keyword. They were not ranking within the top 30 pages of Google for any of the keywords above as of March 2,2012.

We have submitted a new sitemap which will help with the number of pages they have in Google's, Yahoo and Bings index. Next we will begin our on page optimization for the site today and will report back within 3 to 4 weeks to give an update on where the site is.

March 14,2012 Update : I'm so happy to post my first update with a great positive! If you read above, I started working on this site on Feb. 29th, 2012. One of the keywords that I targeted for the site was girl clothing boutique. The client wasn't ranking for this keyword at all before we began. I just did a quick ranking check and the client is now on page 3! The ranking will probably go up and down over the next two weeks but I'll be working on trying to stabilize it and move it up to the first page over the next month.

April 2,2012 Update ; It's been a while since I have updated this case study but this site is moving up in rankings pretty well. The keyword girl clothing boutique is now on the 2nd page of Google. Have a little more to go but I'm very happy that its landed a spot on the 2nd page. Now just have to wait to get it on the first page : )
April 24,2012 Update : I wanted to post a quick update. I have been working on getting this site ranked for a few keywords and it's been almost two months since I began optimizing this site and I am happy to say that this site is ranking for 2 out of the 3 keywords that I've been working on so far. They are on the first page of Google for girl clothing boutique and are finally ranking in the top 10 pages for girls room decorations, page 5 of Google to be exact. These rankings should improve over the next few weeks. I'll make sure to post an update as they do. I'll be focusing on 3 new keywords for this client as well over the next 2 months. I spoke to the client yesterday and they said that they have seen an increase in their clothing over the past week! So I'm one happy SEO'er : )


Wish me luck!!!

If you have any questions about these case studies or want to make a comment on our progress. Please feel free to like us below on Facebook and post your questions right on our wall. If you would like us to add your site to our case studies. Contact us for more details.


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