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Link Building Tactics

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Working With Link Building

Building links is not only essential for your web site to work well but essential with increasing your page rank with Google. Having good, solid working links for clients to follow is one of the things that keeps people coming back to your site. Link building tactics can vary, but one thing you always want to keep in mind is that if someone canít figure out whatís going on with your site, they wonít stay long.
While working on your link building tactics, remember to find top quality sites that contain your targeted keywords and that are related to your service or product that you are offering on your targeted page or website. If you sell baby products, you want to target websites that are related to babies and that have the words baby products on their site,or in their URL. You also want to make sure that you give the site you are linking to your site's description along with your anchor text that includes your targeted keyword phrase. What is an anchor text you ask. An anchor text is the highlighted text that appears before your description.

For example:
We offer affordable link building services for businesses of all sizes.
The words "Affordable Link Building Services" are my anchor text for this link.
You can also include "title" tag with your links. This tag allows you to place a title in your link so when someone places there cursor over the link. Your keyword phrase will pop up in a yellow box.
The code would look something like this:
<a title="link building services"href="">Affordable Link Building Services:</a>We offer affordable link building services for businesses of all sizes.
<a href=""></a>
Below are some link building tactics that you can use with your link building campaign.
There are three types of links that you can do for your site: one way links, reciprocal links and incoming links. Each can serve a purpose for you, and some are easier to manage than others. Also, some of these link tactics may require you to partner with other web sites, so make sure you hold up your end of the bargain so they donít drop the ball.
  • The first type of link is one way. One way link building is easy; you simply create the web link you want people to follow and include it in your text or behind a button. One way links mean that when you arrive at your linked destination, there isnít a button to take you back to where you were. If youíre linking off-site, or you want to drive traffic one way, this can be a quick and handy tool to use.
  • Reciprocal links are common on most sites. When you have a reciprocal link, the site you load will have an active link back to the site you were just at. If you are building these for your site, you may have a guide at the top or side of your page that allows people to load any page from your site. If you are sending people to outside sites, see if you can arrange for them to have a link back to yours. It never hurts to ask, and most web site owners will happily help if it means more business for their pages.
  • The last type of link is the incoming link. Incoming links can be great for driving business to your site. Links with web browser companies can help to drive traffic, and they are relatively easy to set up. Usually you can just ask other sites to sponsor a link to yours, or you may consider paying a web browsing service to help steer people your way.
Regardless of which link style you choose, remember that no one will click if they canít understand what it is theyíre looking at. Make sure your links are always clear, clean and easy to read, and youíll have people checking them out in no time.
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