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Do you consider yourself an expert in your chosen field or niche?
If so, then I am going to give you 2 tips on how to promote your business for FREE by giving Product Reviews.
Tip 1:
Publish your Product Reviews!
Google has different ways to promote your business for FREE and one way is by providing Product Reviews. They even have a way for you to submit your product review for them to show up in their product data base. Similar to the way you upload your products to their Data Base Feed.
Google is looking for ways to enhance their product pages and this is your chance to get in on some FREE advertising.
Your Product Reviews can help make shopping better for customers who are searching for a product by providing helpful product information for them to read about before they make a purchase.
Whether you are a merchant, reviews aggregator or media publisher, you can gain brand exposure, increase traffic, and display your content to a network of users when you put your reviews in front of qualified shoppers. Your reviews can be editorial or user-generated. You must make sure your reviews are high quality and based off of experience with that product or service. Consumers rely on reviews and you can now rely on Google to help them find you.
If you don't have a product to review you can actually contact or recruit businesses for your product reviews. Post messages on forums that you do product reviews and let website owners or business owners know that you are looking for products to review and the review will be placed on your website which can help them out with one way links when you review their site because you will include a link to their site within the review. You can have them contact you via a contact form on your website, PM (private message in your forum) or email. You can come up with a questionaire for them to answer about their product or service.
There are tons of online business that would love to have their services or products reviewed.
When you get your product reviews ready. Go to Google and submit them for publishing!
Use the Product Reviews form to tell them about your product review content. Your content could possibly be displayed on Google Product Search.
Tip 2:
Give out a site Award
Another method of bringing in traffic to your site through product reviews is to create an award for businesses to place on their websites.
How is that going to bring you traffic you ask? Well, once you review someone's site, you can choose to give that site an award for excellence, design, creativity so forth and so on.
Create intrigue! Awards are catchy. Remember the award ceremonies in elementary and junior high school? If your friend got an award then you wanted an award too. This is the same scenario. Once people start to see your award they will be intrigue and want to find out more about your award and how they can get one too.
You can either have the banner click to your homepage or create a landing page explaining your criteria and requirements of your awards. This will make other business interested in finding out how they can receive an award. Add a form to your landing page for potential customers to fill out and submit their site for a review and an award.
You can create an award banner with any photo editing software, try not to make the award to be big. An 125 x 125 is a nice size. Once you create your website award apply the html code needed to make your image/banner clickable to your website.
Below is an example:
The code above will make your award clickable and will send whoever clicks on it to your site.
When a client places your banner or text on their site it will create a one way link back to your site. Make sure the site that you review is a high quality site. If a site is low in quality and links to your site, it can bring your page rank down.
Although I am quite sure you already know this but I feel like I should still make a comment about it. Only issue awards to sites that are relative to your niche or expertise. If you are an expert on sewing, don't issue an award to an automoblie website.
Okay, with that said, I wish you the best of luck with your product reviews.
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