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New! I was using another resource for SEO services and was not seeing any changes in my position in Google and other search engines. I was given Carla's name and got on board. Within days I could see my ratings moving up and up. Carla is AWESOME. I have given her name to many of my colleagues and am looking forward to working with her for years to come.
Amy @

New! Carla started working on our first website Fashion Amour and we quickly saw results for the majority of our keywords. Carla has a fantastic work ethic and quickly responds to e-mails and queries. Carla now works on 3 of our sites and she continues to amaze us with her professionalism, fantastic results and customer service.
Danielle @,,

New! Carla, what can I say! You are amazingly talented! Thank you so much for the fantastic job you have done so far on getting my website ranking on Google. My sales have increased dramatically the last month or so and you have only been working on my site for a short time. Once again, thanks so much and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!
Emma @

Had to write you!!! Just googled my targeted keyword
& SSC is listed on the first page!  YAY! Since I'm in a highly competitive market, I  was completely amazed.And I couldn't  have done it without My SEO Gal.  From guidance to implementation, your service (and all around awesomeness) has been instrumental to the startup of my little design boutique.

Hi, I just wanted you to know I've had a huge increase in sales over
the last two months. I went from a sale a week to now getting a sale every

I'm so excited I couldn't wait to share lol. I logged onto my statcounter acct to check on things & looked at the keyword analysis which said that several people had searched "cute hair bows for girls". I thought I would google the phrase just for kicks, I'm on the first page !!!!  WooHoo !!  Also, I had 40 "new visitors" Monday & 208 today ;) Big improvement,  thanks to YOU !!!!! you're awesome ;)

I am SO thrilled I was referred
to Carla earlier this year when I opened my first online boutique. She
has been so helpful along the way and patience does really pay off. I'm
now on the first page of Google and with Carla's help my business
continues to grow. Now I'm opening another online boutique and with
Carla's help I know it will be a great journey!

It was great seeing my site climb up the rankings within less than 6

months. After 8 months in business, I'm busier than I could have ever
expected thanks to My SEO Gal!

My SEO Gal is fabulous! I started receiving a big increase in traffic

just a couple of weeks after her initial work. I've been working with
Carla for a year now and can say that she's managed to keep my business
on the first page of Google for most the is
booming...Thank you Carla!!

I am so happy to have decided to have the SEO work done on my site I
can barely explain!  I have had a huge increase in traffic and
purchases.  It paid itself off within the first month. Carla is great
to work with and goes the extra mile for you.  Thank you Carla!

After using MySeoGal's Search Engine Optimization services my website
ranked on the first page of google for my targeted keywords within days! I can't
recommend her services enough. If you need SEO improvements to your site MySEOGal is
the place to choose!

Carla is an amazing resource. She was a huge help with my link building
and getting me started in social media, and she is full of so many
useful tips that she willingly shares. When you work with her, you feel
she truly wants you to succeed. She always gets back to me right away
and helps with any question I throw at her. I feel lucky to have
stumbled across her and would confidently recommend her to anyone.

Purchasing MySEOGal services was the BEST investment I have every made
for my small business. Within a couple weeks I had products on the 1st page of
Google. Soon after that, I started getting a increase in orders. I really couldn't
believe it! When I tell you that my budget for marketing is limited I do mean it!!!
BUT if I could give any new or established small business owner any advice it would
be to purchase Carla's services. It really make a big difference in your site's
traffic flow and of course what we all increase in orders. Thank you so
much Carla!

The personalized service that I received from My SEO Gal was
absolutely TOP NOTCH customer service! I could never ask for more. I
will always use Carla as my business continues to progress. My SEO Gal
has landed us several amazing placements online and our business
continues to thrive.


Thanks to the hard work of My SEO Gal, many of my products are ranking
on the first page of google. My unique visitors were nearly 6000
visits for the month of September and 1000 so far for this month and
we are only on day four! Thanks My SEO Gal!

Cheryl Vicory
Owner - Milo's Creations

If I could describe my feelings about Carla and in one
word, it would be "WOW". I purchased an SEO package to have 4 of my service
categories optimized. Not only did Carla quickly get to work on my project, she even
answered tons of questions for me along the way just to be helpful. About a week
later, I did a Google search for my main keyword, and imagine my surprise to already
be in the top 10! My number of inquiries has increased 5 times over the previous
month, and I have made up to 4 sales per day with the increased traffic and Carla's
great advice. I will continue to use's services to keep my website up
to date and competitive in the rankings.As a website designer, it is wonderful to
have found a reputable, honest and effective SEO gal to recommend to my web design
clients!Thank you so much for all your help, Carla!


My SEO Gal was wonderful to work with. Great communication and she
made this process very easy for me. I just don't have the extra time required to do
very much SEO, so it was a pleasure to have someone that could do this for me so
efficiently and effectively. My website shows up better on google searches now and
although my hits were already steadily increasing, I believe I am getting more hits
due to the SEO that My SEO Gal did for me. I look forward to working with them in
the future to maintain and continue to build my website SEO. Thanks!!!


Carla is an amazing resource. She was a huge help with my link building
and getting me started in social media, and she is full of so many useful tips that
she willingly shares. When you work with her, you feel she truly wants you to
succeed. She always gets back to me right away and helps with any question I throw
at her. I feel lucky to have stumbled across her and would confidently recommend her
to anyone.


Carla.I am so glad that I found you. What a boost in my pr and
sales.You have done a wonderful job on my site and I will continue to work with you
for years to seo gal has been a wonderful asset to my company and I love
every service I have purchased from you.You do wonderful work, thank you very


Carla is the most reseptive and helpful person we have used for SEO.
It's hard to find people like her in this business. She was honest with us, her
prices are fair and she responds back to email very quickly, usually within a few
hours. She just makes Search Engine Marketing so Easy!


Quick response to my request. Started working on the project within a
few days. Carla came up with some great ideas for SEO.


Carla has been such a huge help! She understands what I need and she
gets it done amazingly fast!


My SEO Gal did a fantastic job of optimizing my webpage. My page rank
increased immediately, and my local business has improved dramatically. Carla went
above and beyond to research my products to ensure the keywords used were accurate
and effictive. It worked. Thank you Carla!!!


Carla from My SEO Gal provided her SEO services to me recently for my website, My Simple Indulgence.  Her expertise in Search Engine Optimization has proved to be the best invest I could have made for my business.  In the past the majority of my orders have come from phone in orders, referrals, craft shows, friends or retailers who carry my designs.   I contacted Carla because I wanted to build my online presence and increase my online sales.  Shortly after she began working on my site I began to see the results.  Not only is she very knowledgeable in her field but she is very helpful.  She quickly responded to my long list of questions no matter how silly they may have been. 

If you are looking to optimize your website from someone who knows her stuff then you should check out Carla at My SEO Gal. 


My experience with My SEO Gal was the best I have ever had when it
comes to someone helping me get what I want out of my website. The communication was
wonderful and Carla was very patient dealing with a novice and was there to help me
any time I needed it. My sales also tripled from last year. My experience was
priceless! Thank you Carla.


My experience with Karla was a wonderful experience.  She was so very
efficient and did above and beyond what I paid for. We had good communication and
always kept me posted. I highly recommend her services. :)
Tiffany - Charmies Online

Sometimes when you are starting a business, you just feel like you need
to catch a break. Well, I feel like caught one the day a found My SEO Gal. Carla
provided me with easy-to-follow tips and ideas to improve my website. She listened
to what I wanted, but she also wasn't afraid to tell me what she thought. I
appreciate that she was willing to give specific and real advice. And her
communication style was excellent as well - very friendly, yet professional, and
quick. I am already a repeat customer of My SEO Gal, and I'm sure I will use her
services again. I trust her advice, and she's the kind of person with whom I enjoy
doing business. Thank you to My SEO Gal!

I absolutely love Carla's designs! She always seems to "know" what I
have in-mind and creates the perfect compliment to my website. Carla is by-far the
most modern & trendy graphic designer around. Her work is quality and her prices are
fair. She always makes sure I am completely satisfied with the finished product and
makes any changes needed. Her communication skills are extrodinary and her
response/turn-around time is quick. Thank you so much, Carla!


Hi Carla,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to THANK YOU for the SEO work
you have done. Since Thursday I have gotten 6 orders, all due to your
work I am sure! I'll be back for more of your work soon. Thanks!

Thank you,

Carla, I just had to share this with you...
I have had FOUR, yes, FOUR sales within a week's time - one last week, TWO yesterday and one today!! I am in total shock!!! Three of them were only Converse sneakers, today's order is a Belle Ame pettiskirt...yippeeeee!!!!!!
And, I obviously owe this all to you and your fabulous SEO work that you've been doing!!
Thank you so, so, sooooooo much!!!!

My experience with MySeoGal was wonderful! Carla was so patient when
explaining all of the new SEO concepts to me. She really helped me understand how to
improve my website! I will be using MySeoGal for all of my future SEO needs!
Jessica - Jessica's Dreams

Carla has been instrumental in both increasing my SEO understanding and
my motivation as well. Her encouragement to keep going and the time she has taken to
check in with me is far more than I expected from her services. I highly recommend
using the site review service... just a few small changes can make the difference in
bringing customers to your site. Thanks Carla!
Jessica - Trendy Baby

Working with Carla was a wonderful experience! She always took time to
respond to my many questions and explained everything so well. She definitely has a
passion for what she does and it shows. I plan on using her again in the future!
My SEO Gal started Molly's SEO work on October 7,2008 and she is already holding a 2nd place position on the first page of Google for one of her keyword phrases that My SEO Gal targeted:
website search optimization

I'm so pleased that I chose The SEO Gal to work on my site. I had them SEO my entire
site, upload a site map to Google, and upload my products to Froogle. They even
added the Google Webmaster Tool for me. Within hours after the uploads, my products
were showing up in the Google shopping section on the first page and my products
were showing up in the regular searches on the first page!! They're awesome to work
with and gave wonderful results. This was one of the best investments that I've made
for my internet business.

I thank you SO much for helping me out with my product updating! It had been so easy and you understood exactly what i wanted/needed! You are very easy to work with and you work so fast!

My SEO Gal contacted me promptly and stayed in touch with me through
out the SEO process. I am excited to see the improvements to my site. I look
forward to having this Gal do more work for me!
My SEO Gal started Molly's SEO work on October 11,2008 and she is already holding a position on the first page of Google for one of her keyword phrases that My SEO Gal targeted in less than a month!:
website search optimization

The site review conducted by Carla was very detailed and user friendly.
She gave great suggestions and ways to improve my SEO. I was very pleased with her work.

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to give you an update on my end.
So far my sales have increased by 100% THANK YOU! Business has gotten very
busy, and I'm certain it has to do with the SEO work you have done.
Rachel Greyeyes- Littlest Pet Shop Store

I want to thank you for the wonderful insight you have given me with
the site review your company did for my e-boutique. With your suggestions I'm sure I will increase my sales in no time. I will be sure to recommed you to others.
Trisha - The Sassy Girl Boutique

It was great working with Carla. Her expertise and knowledge about SEO
was very valuable. I really didn't have the knowledge or the time to figure it all
out on my own. Her prices are very reasonable and I can already see the improvement
in my site.
Lore Pagan - Posh Baby Palace

Thank you Carla for helping me with my Seo. I recieved alot of unique
visitors to my website. Your the best! Will be back soon.Thanks again :)

Thank you so much for the site review. It was awesome! It way
exceeded my expectations! I thought the information was clear and easy to
understand which is very important for a novice like me. I do plan to incorporate
all of the tips you gave me especially the search words.

I highly recommend MySEOGal for all of your SEO and internet marketing
needs. The results are amazaing and the turnaround time is unbelieveable!
Kim - Kim's Gift Boutique

Thank you so much for reviewing my site! I believe the information you
gave me will truly help me step ahead the rest and make my website not only shopper
friendly, but robot friendly.

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